GreensGroomer Litterkat

GreensGroomer Litterkat
GreensGroomer Litterkat

LitterKat® is a light weight, pull behind, synthetic sports turf sweeper that removes surface debris from sports turf without collection of infill materials. The LitterKat® has the features professionals require — fast and effective debris pick-up, recirculation of infill material, ground-driven for low maintenance, easy clean-up and wash down safe, and a magnet for ferrous objects.

GreensGroomer LitterKat – The Industry Benchmark For Debris Removal

Removal of surface debris has never been easier. The GreensGroomer LitterKat® is designed to sweep up light debris from the turf surface without displacing infill material. It’s the perfect choice for keeping your synthetic sports field clean, safe, and ready for action. The LitterKat® is a ground-driven design built around a heavy-duty steel chassis for durability and low-maintenance. This design allows for towing by lightweight utility carts. The durable powder coat finish allows for easy cleanup, and is wash-down safe.

Debris / Infill Separation

The key to efficiency is getting infill back to the surface. With dual 12-volt vibrators in the collection baskets, GreensGroomer LitterKat® quickly and easily redistributes infill while retaining sports field debris like paper, pen and pencils, rocks, shoe spikes, athletic tape and sunflower seed shells. The collection baskets have a brushed aluminum finish and easy access doors for clean-out.

Addressing Ferrous Objects

The GreensGroomer LitterKat® is also equipped with a tow-behind magnet for pickup of unwanted ferrous objects. The powerful 6-foot unit pulls objects from deep in the surface into the magnet — keeping dangerous objects like bobby pins, safety pins, and nails out of the infill material.

Direct Drive Gearing

The importance of the direct drive is reliability. Other units rely on engines or chain drives which are prone to failure. The direct drive provides for the same rate of debris pickup, regardless of speed. The steel gear assembly is virtually indestructible and will provide many years of service. This is not a lightweight lawn sweeper offered by other manufacturers.

Split Axles

The LitterKat® brushes rotate on a split axle assembly, allowing for better turning response, continual debris pickup, and no dragging. The high quality bearings provide smooth, long-term operation.

Electric Lift / Transport Mode

The GreensGroomer LitterKat® is raised or lowered with a heavy-duty actuator, for an infinite level of adjustment. The actuator can raise the unit up for localized transport. For long range transport, the unit is easily setup by rotating the curved, 3” diameter draw bar.

Simple, Efficient Synthetic Turf Care

While other synthetic turf conditioning systems may offer promises of performance through mechanization, the fact remains that simplicity most often produces the best results. Zero down time means that your unit continues to perform, day in and day out, without the need of mechanical repairs.

Download the GreensGroomer LitterKat® brochure here.

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