Ninja Tines

Ninja Tines give you the ability to reduce and control organic material build-up when needed, without disrupting play. That’s right! No more missing out on revenue! You can aerify ahead of play, and clean up is a breeze! Aerification tines are designed to remove organic material only. The tine pulls a small diameter core and will not disrupt the putting surface.

With Ninja Tines, you are in control. You can easily increase oxygen levels, percolation, and reduce your organic matter with zero surface disruption. Better soil conditions = better playing conditions!

What Aerifiers Are Ninja Tines Compatible With?

The mounting shank of the Ninja Tine is a 3/8″ mount. You will need a tine block from your manufacturer that can handle that mount. For Toro ProCore 648, you will need a Quad Tine Head (2×5) or (1×6).

Ninja Tines, What’s The benefit?

Rather than solid tine, you can remove up to 1% OM each time you use Ninja Tines, which greatly improves soil conditions. The best part – no more closing down your course to aerify! Closing your course means losing money. With Ninja Tines, you can aerify without disturbing the putting surface, giving you the ability to remain open during core aerification. Can you say no more discounted green fees?

Ninja Tines are made using the purest steel alloys, along with precision machining to produce a strong and durable tine, giving you the ability to cover more area than ever before.

How Does Lawn Aeration Work?

A spike aerator creates holes in the ground by pushing the soil sideways as wedge-shaped spikes penetrate the soil. Since there is no soil removed from the ground, watering will cause the compacted soil around the holes to expand and close. A core/plug aerator removes soil from the ground and leaves the core on the turf. This reduces compaction in the soil, and the holes can stay open for a long time allowing air, fertilisers, and water to reach the roots. Core aeration is suitable for heavy clay soils, and spike aeration is more suited to sandy or loamy soils. Source