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The SC27 line of products has consistently demonstrated the ability to increase root biomass and fine root hairs up to 400% in under 20 days. This statement is true of established and newly germinated plants. To our knowledge not even heavy fertilization can give a plant this type of exponential growth within this time frame.

20 days after inoculating your plants with SC27, your roots and plants will tell you more than we ever could about the health of your plants and overall soil system. White, healthy roots is what SC27 is all about.

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PlanetAir 29 – Walk-Behind Turf Aerators - Chattahoochee Turf Products

We sell the full-line of PlanetAir Aerators including the PlanetAir 29 walk-behind model. We consider the PlanetAir products to be the best in the business.

The Andersons Fertilizers - Chattahoochee Turf Products

When our team of experts were trying to decide on which brand of fertilizer to bring on board, we knew we wanted something that reflected that, The Andersons.

ZOXY 2 SC Fungicide - Chattahoochee Turf Products

Armotech's ZOXY fungicides are the best in the business. Chattahoochee Turf stands behind this product and our team can give you all of the reasons why.

GreensGroomer - Chattahoochee Turf Products

For 24 years, Chattahoochee Turf have been dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to turf management. The GreensGroomer is no exception to this.

ProteSyn - Chattahoochee Turf Products

Need better nutrition? ProteSyn is a liquid concentrate designed for use on all fine turf areas such as golf courses, athletic playing fields, etc.

Green Shade Optimizer - Chattahoochee Turf Products

We highly recommend Green Shade is a green pigment spray additive that improves turf appearance while serving as a spray pattern indicator.