At Chattahoochee Turf Products, we believe our approach to soil health is an asset. True soil biodiversity and microbial sustainability is a tool which will allow our clients plants to reach their full genetic potential.

What Will I See With Oath Soil Life?

The Oath Soil Life line of products has consistently demonstrated the ability to increase root biomass and fine root hairs up to 400% in under 20 days. This statement is true of established and newly germinated plants. To our knowledge not even heavy fertilization can give a plant this type of exponential growth within this time frame.

20 days after inoculating your plants, your roots and plants will tell you more than we ever could about the health of your plants and overall soil system. White, healthy roots is what Oath Soil Life is all about.

Additional Benefits of Oath Soil Life

If you have been disenchanted with microbial liquid inoculants and appreciate the control of knowing what goes into your soil, then our powdered formulation of Oath Soil Life may be for you. Oath Soil Life leaves fertilizing your soil to your expertise and does not contain any natural or synthetic fertilizer, NPK add ins, humic acid, fish or minerals. Oath Soil Life is pure microbes, microbes which simply need heavy watering to grow.

The proprietary blend of pro biotic soil organisms are 100% organic and are not genetically modified strains. Oath Soil Life has been designed to work on all soil types and all plant species as the missing or non indigenous microbe strains needed for comprehensive soil and turf health. Oath Soil Life has been utilized by hundreds of operations for over 20 years.

Oath Soil Life is innovative for several reasons. First, it contains multiple groups of organisms such as Fungi, Bacteria and Actinomycetes. Secondly, the majority of microbial inoculants today contain plant based strains derived from crop residue or compost teas. Those products contain fertilizers to give the plant a short term boost. Oath Soil Life is comprised of SOIL microbes. Microbes which grow in soil.

Another unique aspect of Oath Soil Life is its comprehensive mode of action. In order to understand how Oath Soil Life truly works you must understand how a natural system functions when healthy. Everything in balance. This is true sustainability and working with nature. Oath Soil Life allows superintendents to implement the missing link into their soil which makes their efforts more effective.

The Oath Soil Life formulation contains a shelf life of 1.5 years after being opened. It is designed to be as durable as the professionals who use it.

Oath Soil Life reduces water usage and estimated 15+% in under 1 year. We have seen golf courses in the Arizona desert reduce water usage by 60% in the middle of summer in under 6 months. Results will vary and much depends on your current soil health conditions.

Oath Soil Life: The Bottom Line – It Is Simple Math

Oath Soil Life Soil Microbes:

  • Should initial replace any “natural” fertilization application such as humic acid, compost tea, fish, kelp.
  • Pays for itself in decrease in water usage in the first year.
  • Higher germination percentage of seed
  • WHITE ROOTS for up to 6 months – Soil Health Superintendents can mow lower – Increased green speeds = Higher greens fees.
  • 400% Increase in root biomass = Lower inputs
  • Bottom line: Oath Soil Life will not only pay for itself but will esthetically allow your grass to look better than it has in years!

Chattahoochee Turf Products is one of the leading supplier of Oath Soil Life and we offer a huge selection of turf management equipment and supplies. We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect turf you are working so hard for.

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