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GreensGroomer GreensSlicer
GreensGroomer GreensSlicer

The GreensGroomer GreensSlicer® Turf Aerator TS-48 by GreensGroomer provides a quick and easy approach to over-seeding, opening dry spots, and aeration on greens, tees, and fairways. The GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 is made up of two rows of tines, offset front to back to create 2” spacing. Two 25 gallon water tanks present infinite adjustment of addition weight. Simply adjust the gallons in each tank to create the desired depth of the tines.

Greensgroomer Greensslicer – Gentle Approach To Aeration

Imagine if you had the ability to spike or aerate without all of the complex machinery, doing it with efficiency AND performance. The GreensSlicer® Turf Aerator TS-48 is the answer, making it a perfect addition to your equipment stable, without killing your budget. As an affordable alternative to motorized methods, the GreensGroomer GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 is a ground-driven, well-engineered performer. With reliability and longevity at its soul, the GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 is designed and tested for use on greens, tees, and fairways for over-seeding, opening localized dry spots, and aeration.

Low Mechanical Complexity

The GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 is simply one of the smartest solutions to turf maintenance. As a straight, tow-behind unit, the GreensGroomer GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 avoids all of the mechanical problems associated with hydraulics and engine operations. By keeping with the GreensGroomer Worldwide mission of lower total cost of ownership, the GreensGroomer GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 delivers on all counts: 48” wide.

Operating Width

The dual, 48-inch wide tine shafts have 25 tines spaced 2-inches apart. The shafts are split, with individually rotating assemblies to reduce turf damage during tight turns.

Water Tank Ballast

Instead of more complex gears or levers, the depth is controlled by two tanks, which can be filled with water through the two large tank openings. Increasing the water level increases the weight and deepens the tine penetration into the turf. Water is easily removed with convenient drain plugs.

No Power Source Required

The GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 doesn’t require engine operations or hydraulics. The ground-driven design eliminates the need for a power unit and keeps complexity low. The result is high reliability with virtually zero maintenance costs.

Easy Transport

The GreensGroomer GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 is a straight tow-behind unit and can be pulled by any basic utility vehicle. The unit is lowered into operation mode with an electrically actuated wheel assembly, and is easily raised for transport mode. The actuator can also be equipped with a remote control module for simplified operation.

Easy Clean-Up

The GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48 is manufactured with a durable, powder-coat finish that makes clean-up a snap, and prevents corrosion over the long haul. The protective tine cage is a safety feature, yet allows open access for cleanup after use.

Integrated Rear Roller

Training the tine assembly is an integrated roller that flattens out the surface after slicing and aerating, it also provides for a smooth, playable surface.

Aerating either by coring or spiking causes the roots to divide or sever apart, which rarely happens naturally. Severing the roots causes them to multiply and thus the blades of grass multiply, keeping the lawn thick and deeply rooted as the holes become engorged with roots. Lawn thatch is a layer of dead organic tissue that can protect the lawn by moderating temperature and reducing evapotranspiration when it is a reasonable thickness, but too much thatch can limit soil oxygenation and reduce watering effectiveness. Soil compaction makes it difficult for grass to develop long roots and disturbs both natural rainwater and artificial irrigation. Source

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