ZOXY 2 SC Fungicide

ZOXY 2 SC Fungicide
ZOXY 2 SC Fungicide

ArmorTech ZOXY 2 SC is a broad spectrum, preventative fungicide with systemic and curative properties recom- mended for the control of many important plant diseases.

Use as a broad spectrum fungicide for control of listed diseases on labeled turf sites.

Armortech® ZOXY 2 SC

Concentrated water based formulation of Azoxystrobin Fungicide

ZOXY 2 SC Benefits And Uses

  • One Quart Treats approximately 1 Acre of turf at the standard full label rate.
  • Priced attractively for Fairway Sprays.
  • Broad label for a variety of turfgrass diseases.
  • Tank mix compatible for ease of use.
  • Labeled for use on golf course greens, tees and fairways, as well as residential, commercial, recreational and sports turf.

Packaging And Rate

  • 4 x 1 Gallon
  • 4 x 1 Quart
  • 2.08 lbs/gal of active ingredient

About Fungicides

Fungicides are biocidal chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill parasitic fungi or their spores. A fungistatic inhibits their growth. Fungi can cause serious damage in agriculture, resulting in critical losses of yield, quality, and profit. Fungicides are used both in agriculture and to fight fungal infections in animals. Chemicals used to control oomycetes, which are not fungi, are also referred to as fungicides, as oomycetes use the same mechanisms as fungi to infect plants. Fungicides can either be contact, translaminar or systemic.

Contact fungicides are not taken up into the plant tissue and protect only the plant where the spray is deposited. Translaminar fungicides redistribute the fungicide from the upper, sprayed leaf surface to the lower, unsprayed surface. Systemic fungicides are taken up and redistributed through the xylem vessels. Few fungicides move to all parts of a plant. Some are locally systemic, and some move upwardly.

Most fungicides that can be bought retail are sold in a liquid form. A very common active ingredient is sulfur, present at 0.08% in weaker concentrates, and as high as 0.5% for more potent fungicides. Fungicides in powdered form are usually around 90% sulfur and are very toxic. Other active ingredients in fungicides include neem oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, and the beneficial fungus Ulocladium oudemansii.

Fungicide residues have been found on food for human consumption, mostly from post-harvest treatments. Some fungicides are dangerous to human health, such as vinclozolin, which has now been removed from use. Ziram is also a fungicide that is toxic to humans with long-term exposure, and fatal if ingested. A number of fungicides are also used in human health care. Source

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