Why GreensGroomer?

For 24 years, Chattahoochee Turf Products has been dedicated to providing high-end, cutting-edge agronomic solutions to turf management. The GreensGroomer is no exception to this, and raises the bar when it comes to performance and efficiency. It is designed to increase the effective surface area, and with enhanced brush angles, forces topdressing farther down into the canopy, establishing a healthier turf system at a more efficient rate.

The GreensGroomer is balanced perfectly from front to back and side to side, providing smooth brushing with no hopping. This means no scuffs, bruises, or damage to turf on greens, tees, or fairways. Its patented design allows for true one-pass performance, which reduces turf stress while breaking down aeration cores, filling holes, and controlling the grain.

It doesn’t stop there though! You’ll receive a better mow quality, faster green speeds, and a more consistent surface when you use the GreensGroomer as a part of your normal greens mowing routine. No more dropping your mow height to achieve faster green speeds! Grooming removes much of the grain, producing a truer and smoother putt.

GreensGroomer Parts, Brushes, and Accessories

In need of attachments or parts for your GreensGroomer? Don’t fret, we’ve got those too! Whether you’re looking to add extension wings to double the operation width of the unit, replace the control cable, or get your hands on the wireless remote, we’ve got you covered. The list below is just a handful of what we offer. For a complete list of the attachments and parts we supply, contact us here.


  • Brushess - Our GreensGroomer replacement brushes are top of the line and will make your GreensGroomer Model 720 and Model 920 machine work like new again. These quality brushes can be used of greens and fairways. Contact us today to find out pricing and availability.
  • Extension Wings - Attached to the standard GreensGroomer (legacy model 720 or second generation 920), the Extension Wings double the operational width of the unit, allowing for greater efficiency at a minimum investment. They are great for fairways on golf courses or large sports fields. With the same patented brush design, they move topdressing efficiently and effectively, in multiple directions, for true one-pass performance.
  • Sportsfield Scarifier and Rake - The GreensGroomer can be equipped with white heavy duty brushes and scarifier/rake for use on baseball fields and clay tennis courts. The clay surface Sports Field Scarifier attached to the front of the GreensGroomer breaks up hard, uneven clay and allows the Groomer to move the clay to possible low spots or depressions in the surface. The heavy-duty, white brushes move loose clay, leveling the playing surface. The clay surface Sports Field Rake attached to the rear of the GreensGroomer feathers the clay surface for a smooth and level playing surface. Custom weights may be added to the rake to achieve the desired level of aggressiveness.
  • Wireless Remote - The most convenient attachment is the Wireless Remote. This attachment simplifies the raising and lowering of our equipment by attaching a controller to the standard wiring harness. This allows for the operator to control the unit while in the tow vehicle. For use on the GreensGroomer and the GreensSlicer.

Download the GreensGroomer brochure here.

GreensGroomer Parts For:

GreensGroomer Spring Tine Rake
GreensGroomer 926
GreensGroomer Litterkat
Fairway Groomer 944HDE
GreensSlicer Turf Aerator TS-48

Purchase a GreensGroomer

Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have about purchasing the GreensGroomer and/or its parts and attachments. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service each step of the way. With many years of experience in the turf industry, our team members can help determine your needs, and will go above and beyond to meet them. Click here to purchase your GreensGroomer today!


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