The quality of the products we offer cannot be overstated.  This is a result of the quality of the raw materials that go into the manufacture of Floratine (FPG) materials.  FPG uses only Food, Technical, or Pharmaceutical grade raw materials, sourced from over 500 suppliers around the globe that are more than 96% pure to ensure this highest level.  With our foliar delivery technology, you can expect up to 95% plant uptake of nutrients and hormones, which is both environmentally sound and good for the budget because of the low use rates.

Let’s take a moment to further look at another aspect of raw materials; the effect of different anions on turf.  Anions can be either beneficial or detrimental to turf health and strength.  Beneficials include nitrates (NO3), phosphates (PO4), sulfates (SO4), borates (BO3), molybdates (MoO4), thiosulfates (S2O3), and silicates (Si2O5).  Detrimental anions include bicarbonates (HCO3), carbonates (CO3), chlorides (Cl), hydroxides (OH), oxides (O), and acetates (C2H3O2).  Beneficial anions tend to be expensive, have limited availability, have limited solubility, can be hazardous and may only be needed in very small quantities.  Detrimental anions tend to be cheap, readily available and extremely soluble.   Chlorides are very soluble and compete with plant tissue for water.  Carbonates tie up soluble calcium and magnesium to form unusable scale.  Acetates tie up potassium and deactivate stoma, making it “hot.”  Hydroxides reduce proteins and ties up micronutrients.  Reminder:  when shopping for foliar nutrition and biostimulants read the “derived from” portion on the label. Don’t cut corners on your fertility, your greens health and strength may be jeopardized because of inferior materials!

Here are some ideas for early spring conditions:
Soil based products for cold soils:

  • P-48—nutrients in a high phosphorous analysis for root initiation & pure energy
  • Trical 35-SP—plant available calcium with powerful root exudates technology
  • Maxiplex—concentrated humic acids promoting nutrient availability & stimulating microbial activity
  • Quad K—immediately available potassium from a 4 source potassium combination

Foliar based products for cold soils:

  • Per’4’Max—enhaced metabolism & chlorophyll production through patented vitamin hormones
  • Power N—consistent growth with proprietary technology for enhanced nutrient utility
  • Renaissance—color, rooting, & cold tolerance from micros, antioxidants, & phytochemicals
  • PK Fight—stress tolerance, energy, and winter recovery from phosphate w/organic acids
  • Protesyn—strength building complete amino acids & carbs for strong molecular construction

DID YOU KNOW….So far in 2013 we have had 11 “sunshine days” in January, 12 in February, and 15 in March.  These low numbers could adversely affect your turf later in the year.  Use Protesyn early & often!

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