As was mentioned in the December 2012 News & Notes, the pH of the water used in your spray tank can impact the effectiveness of the materials you are applying to the turf and/or soil (see Golf Course Management May 2012, pg. 94). In 2012 we measured the pH of water used by 51 golf courses in North Georgia. The range of pH’s sampled went from a low of 7.1 to a high of 9.2 and the average was 8.1! Use FP-747 to help lower your spray solutions to neutral (7.0). FP-747
is a must for facilities with high pH, hard water or high bicarbonates.

Another study undertaken in 2012 was tracking the number of “sunshine days” during the calendar year. A “sunshine day” is defined as a day with at least 4 hours of direct and unfiltered sunshine. Our reporting location was in metro Atlanta. The number of “sunshine days” by month follows: Jan (13), Feb (14), Mar (21), Apr (20), May (19), Jn (22), Jl (24), Aug (19), Sep (16), Oct (20), Nov (19), Dec (11). Sunshine is a necessary component in the all important process of photosynthesis, the process that produces the turfs food. To help overcome the lack of sunshine on your turf whether it’s from cloudy conditions or a shady environment(s) we recommend Protesyn. Loaded with all of the necessary amino acids to continue photosynthesis, we proudly call Protesyn “liquid sunshine.”

Two products introduced in 2012 that should be considered at aerification time are EON 75 and FREE 15. EON 75, a granular soil amendment, contains 75% purified humic acids to help regulate water movement in the soil. It also reduces compaction while increasing microbial activity. FREE 15 is a formulation of carbs fortified with root & microbial exudates that releases phosphorous from the soil for root uptake. Highly effective during rooting/aerification, it helps to increase plant energy and strength.

Granular fertilizers can be used in spring to “kick start” the turf. We offer both the Andersons line of granular (ammonium sulfate, slow-release, etc.) or the Assure line of organic amendments. The Assure 5-5-5 w/mycorrhiza and the 12-2-18 are both loaded with bacteria to benefit your greens.

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